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Star Lube/Sizer
« on: October 28, 2012, 01:21:14 pm »
I have three sizers that are in various states of disrepair.  Two have damage to the bell crank (the hole accepting the handle is badly deformed).  I've discussed this with Magma but I am not able to separate the parts using thier instructions.  Has anyone done this or have any have suggestions?


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Re: Star Lube/Sizer
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2012, 02:31:37 pm »
Yes, I have disassembled one, including the part you describe.  If I remember correctly, you must first disconnect the ram link (S121).  Remove Handle Clamp Screw (S118) and washer, and the handle (S117). 

Now, look into crank shaft assembly on the right side of the press (where you removed the clamp screw).  You will see the end of the crank shaft (round) with two small steel wedge pins on opposite sides of the crank shaft.
Using a steel or brass punch that is smaller in diameter than the diameter of the crank shaft, tap the crank shaft out of the housing from right to left.  DO NOT tap on the wedge pins!  Your punch must only tap the main shaft. -- As the shaft taps out the left side of the crank housing the wedge pins will loosen and fall out.  Be prepared to catch them.

Also note that the ram lever that connects the crank shaft assembly to the ram link is not removable.  It is an integral part of the crank shaft.

Refer to the following link for the Star lube sizer diagram on the Magma Engineering site: