Author Topic: Cleaning fired Brass Hulls  (Read 2978 times)

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Cleaning fired Brass Hulls
« on: February 05, 2013, 09:54:13 am »
Many of you might alrady know this, but a cheaper source than from shooting supply companies of both corn cob media and walnut media for cleaning your fired brass can be locally purchased from places like Pet Supplies Plus and Pet's Smart.
The English Walnut Shells are used for desert dwelling reptiles and cost $10.98 for a 10 quart bag.  These shells are ground much finer than the corn cob shells.  The corn cob media, used for pet litter, is the same price and the bag contains 9.9 quarts..   The corn cob litter is somewhat courser than what I have been purchasing from the shooting supply houses and works faster and better in my tumbler. 
Instead of buying brass polish to give my shells a shiny protective coating, I just put a cap full of the car wax, Nu Finish in the tumble when I tumble the brass.