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Star Universal Press Immaculate Condition
« on: March 06, 2016, 09:57:58 am »
Hi all, I'm selling this press.  It belonged to my Dad's best friend who passed on a good number of years ago, proceeds going to his widow.
This press is pristine.   Meticulous is not a strong enough word for how this machine was cared for.  Comes with a lot of spare parts, I'll post the original owners letter he wrote before his death.  If you have any questions please do message me.
His original asking price was from 10 years ago was too high for today's market, and I found it high compared to what I see on Ebay, but be assured this is the cleanest and best condition press you will find.
Asking $1250 for it.

It comes with everything pictured and the stand if you want it.
I am in Canada (Ontario )and am willing to ship but would be pricey.  I am also willing to meet up in the US, within 2 hours of the US Canada Border of Michigan or New York.  Can ship from within the US to save a few bucks.
Thanks for looking
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Re: Star Universal Press Immaculate Condition
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2016, 05:09:10 pm »
So, it is obvious to me that I have listed it for too high an asking price.  Now that I've had time to read some of
the previous for sale ads on similar items, I'm hoping to get $1250 for it.
The Original owner was a competitive pistol shooter, and took excellent care of it.
Do feel free to send me an offer, as it does come with a lot more equipment than Dick Harris' Star #20, including
an extra tool head and plate in 32 S&W Long, Die set for .38 special, Hulme case feeder, and a large assortment
of extra powderslides and spare parts.  Everything pictured is included.
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