Author Topic: Star Universal Press, .45 ACP, for sale. With .38, .32, Shell Plates and Parts  (Read 1216 times)

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Id like to sell my Star Universal reloader and extras and am requesting assistance in determining a good/reasonable selling price for the whole lot. Ive watched eBay and have some ideas, but am requesting guidance. Below are some details to accompany the photos. I made two posts to include 10 photos.   

Star Universal press in .45 ACP. Has Hulme (or Hulme clone) automatic case feeder. Has Phelps .45 ACP carbide sizer die. Has working (apparently homemade) auto advance/auto eject mechanism. I have a video of the operation, but cannot post it to this site (video is way too big).

I loaded about three dozen .45 ACP cartridges with this machine as it sits; they all fed, fired, and extracted just fine.

There is a welded extension as can be seen in the photos. When I got the press, the operating handle was mounted there, perhaps for left-handed operation? I moved the handle to the usual location.

Comes with a .38 caliber shell plate, Phelps sizer die, and a seater die. There are some extra parts here. I assume all parts are there, however I have not installed this caliber.

Comes with .32 caliber shell plate, sizer die, and seater die. The following cases fit this shell plate when I tried them: .32 auto, .32 S&W, .32 WCF. There are some extra parts here. I assume all parts are there, but I have not installed this caliber.

Comes with nine primer pickup tubes (for large and small primers); most are brass. Includes four brass primer magazine tubes (for large and small primers).

Comes with nine powder bars (slides). Includes decap pins, and small primer punch and bushing. There are other assorted Star parts. And some parts I dont recognize. These are included. I am not a Star expert.

ADDED: Powder bars and markings can be seen in the photo in the second posting. The one at the top of the photo marked 2.7 GR BE looks drilled out. ID is .0460.  The powder bar in the machine is not marked. It throws 3.9 gr. Bullseye for me. The small primer punch and bushing are seen in the photo of the .38 Special shell plate in the second post.

I am not interested in trades, nor am I interested in selling parts. Id like to sell the whole lot as one.

I have, or can get, more photos if interested. It looks like it will take two postings to get all 10 photos loaded.

Any input, or offers, would be greatly appreciated and considered. Thank you.

P.S. I am in Prescott Valley, Arizona.
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Might want to check that you have both small (32 & 38) and large (45) primer feeds.

Also if you can list the powder bar markings for powder and grains, would help to determine which caliber they likely fit.

You could also contact Bruce Williams   RBWillNJ  on this site. He operates the Star Machine works site and would likely be interested in the package.
In my dealings with Bruce I have found him to be both reasonable and fair.

Good luck.
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Thank you, NYKenn. I will look at the items and post the info suggested.