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1st. post
« on: September 16, 2007, 01:19:59 am »
when i found out star was closing down i was there every day looking in there scrap bin and talking to the crew as much as i could i ended up with a foot locker full of reloader parts copys of working blue prints like shell plates[at that time the luber sizer had already been sold to magma] bar stock lot of brass like the tubing for primer tubes but the best thing was the fan clutch that i put on Georges car after i was done he ask me what he owed me for it ya right after all the stuff you have helped me out on you don't owe me a thing well he just walk over to the shelf and picked one of the 7 boxes from it with one of the last new lube sizers that could be had from star and handed it to me there you go thanks so what could i say back dam thank you best $35 and 30 min. i ever spent if you remember the pen holder on there desk made from a lube sizer base and lube tube i ended up with that to
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